Knock. Use your iPhone as a password for your Mac.


Android engineer

We're looking for an Android engineer to help us build Knock for Android. Here's what building a company with us will be like:

You will own the entire development process for Knock for Android.

You will basically live outside your technical comfort zone.

You will move mountains to create the right user experience.

You will shape our company's culture.

If all that sounds too good to be true, that's okay. We'll state up front that it's incredibly difficult to balance these tensions in practice. What's important to us is that you share our belief that attempting to create this culture is a noble goal and one worth striving for. We recognize that this isn't the right culture for everyone, but that the right folks will seek us out and be thrilled to help us build it. We can't wait to hear your ideas about how to get there.

To apply:

Send an email to Tell us about yourself. Include examples of your Android apps.

Thanks for downloading Knock.
We think you're going to love it.